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Government + Municipal projects support and define communities.  Our experience is rooted in creating public spaces that inspire communities for generations.  Our relationships with today's civic leaders have resulted in thoughtful, lasting environments that strengthen our communities.  We recognize that as the designers of civic projects we have a responsibility to the communities where our projects are built.  We collaborate and listen to the public to customize to their specific needs.
Responsible design of civic projects includes sustainability.  Our firm is prepared to assist our clients and the community in their efforts to go green during planning and construction and beyond.
As part of our commitment to the community, we proudly support a variety of non-profit organizations that support the health and well-being or our community neighbors.
We are focused on design quality. Design based on rigorous analytic processes and human understanding. Design that honors the unique qualities of its purpose and place, and that is environmentally responsible. Design that enriches and inspires people’s lives.

Together with our clients, DEMBLING + DEMBLING ARCHITECTS, P.C. builds community.



NY State Office of General Services
Albany, New York
Malta Community Center
Malta, New York
Albany Police Department
Albany, New York