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Transportation needs have traditionally been addressed by providing roads, ramps and bridges for vehicles.  However, the needs of the traveling public and the trucking community need to be considered and itegrated into forward-thinking plans.
DEMBLING + DEMBLING ARCHITECTS, P.C. (DDA) provides transportation facility planning services with a holistic approach that considers not only alternative solutions, but the sustainability, life-cycle costs as well as environmental and community concerns.
This approach is complemented by our computer modeling expertise using tools suitable for projects ranging from smaller rest areas to large welcome centers. Using these models, DDA can effectively investigate a wide range of alternatives and present results to stakeholders for their input.
We address the needs of the traveling public, their safety, comfort and need for information.

We strive to find solutions that fit into the context of the existing environment, local culture and community. Our services include a strong planning component that provides clients with a clear, concise, and comprehensive plan.

Allegany Welcome Center
Allegany, NY
New York State DOT
Chautauqua, New York
New York State DOT 
Hudson, New York
New York State DOT 
Newburg Toll Plaza
Newburg, New York
New York State Thruway Authority
Valcour, New York
New York State DOT 
Preble, New York
New York State DOT 
Whitney Point, New York
New York State DOT
Rensselaer Rail Station - CDTA
Entries and Canopies
Rensselaer, New York