Childcare center

suny college of agriculture and technology

cobleskill, ny


Dembling + Dembling Architects, P.C., originally completed a feasibility study for this project.  When funds were made available DDA was selected for the design and construction administration of the new SUNY Cobleskill Child Care Center. 

The needs of the faculty, staff and students of the college are served by this on-site childcare center.  The 13,500 square foot facility accommodates the care of 56 children.  The age ranges of the children are from infant to five years.  The building is oriented on the site so as to expose children to all of the key features of the existing campus farm.  The farm is used as part of the college’s agriculture curriculum. 

The gentle curve of the building’s front facade invites entry to a generous lobby from which the main gross motor room activity may be viewed.  The lobby also serves as waiting area for parents and visitors.  Administration, conference and all classrooms are accessed from this central lobby.  The facility also contains an institutional kitchen for preparing on site breakfast and lunch as well as support for a small educational kitchen.

Radiant heating and a safe temperature on the children’s water faucets are some of the safety features included with this new facility for children.

Construction was completed in July 2004.