Comfort inn

Albany, ny

Dembling + Dembling, P.C. was retained to provide design services for the Bar and Lounge Renovations at Comfort Inn in Glenmont, NY. 


DDA designed the millwork, dining layout, food service equipment layout, lighting, and finishes for the bar, dining, and kitchen areas.  In planning the finishes, DDA created a palette to complement the finishes the Owner was using throughout the building for finish upgrades.


The project area included the bar, kitchen, lounge, entry vestibule, lobby, and Customer Service area.  The project goal was to create a more welcoming entrance into the building and areas for socializing in the Lobby.  The design included millwork and finish updates to the Entry Vestibule and the Customer Service desk.  For the Lobby, minor millwork, a revised furniture layout, ceiling modifications, a new lighting layout, and updated finishes created social nooks and gathering spaces to invite guests’ use through the day.