Knapp Hall

suny college of agriculture and technology

cobleskill, ny


Knapp Hall is a 28,000 square foot, two-story, steel framed building completed in 1967.  The facility, which houses administrative functions and the President’s office, was originally programmed for asbestos abatement and related work only.  Following initiation of the project design, numerous life safety and building code deficiencies, as well as program area improvement needs, were identified by Dembling + Dembling Architect’s analysis and replacement of the original electric HVAC of the building.

Code compliance and building systems improvement work included:

·         Fire rated wall construction

·         New sprinkler system for the entire building

·         HVAC and electrical system upgrades

·         ADA issues include accessibility of the main entrance, toilet rooms and the rehabilitation of an elevator

·         Restoration of an atrium area, which had been converted to office space in violation of building codes

·         Replacement of the exterior skin of the building including window replacement and reroofing

·         Replacement of entry stair / bridge

A renovation included all new systems and finishes as well as code improvements and the redesign of Admissions, Student Accounts and President’s Office.

The project, with an estimated cost of $3,200,000 was successfully bid at $3,041,000.  The construction was completed in August 2000.