Outdoor waterslide park

united states army base

Picatinny, new jersey


Dembling + Dembling Architects, P.C. (DDA) completed this project with Aquatic Development Group as a design / build project.  DDA was responsible for all the buildings for this $8M project.

Changing buildings, restroom buildings, an arcade / rental building, guest relations / welcome structure, an employee building and several pump-house structures were designed and constructed in less than six months to accommodate 1,500 visitors a day.

An intense, coordinated effort was required in-order to meet the schedule and the strict requirements of the local jurisdiction.

"It's a great introduction to people who come in to see what their soldiers' life is going to be like, and,  hopefully, that will help with recruiting."

"The kids are really enjoying it, it's been hard dragging them home."